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Lessons & Tutoring

No Lessons December 24 - January 1

Recital Info

Recordings for the recital will be due around December 10. 

Record yourself performing your favorite song and send the recording to Miss Rebecca.  Submissions will be compiled and available as a private YouTube link.  You may send a video or audio recording.   


December 10: Recital Recordings Due

Dec 24 -Jan 1 (Christmas/New Year): NO LESSONS

Student of the Month


Katie has passed Piano Musical Achievement Level 6!

Congratulations, Katie!  That is a huge milestone!

Cutout Stars

click a subject above for resources


Digital Music Games

Rhythm Cat Lite - (tablet) Practice rhythm, search app store

NoteWorks Lite - (tablet) Learn notes on staff, search app store

Note Rush - (tablet) Learn notes on staff, search app store

Decks - (tablet/mobile) Customizable flash cards, search app store

Whack-a-Note - (desktop) Learn notes on staff, click here

Multiple Games - (desktop) Notes, rhythm, compose, click here

Past Students of the Month

Kevin - June 2023
Katie - July 2023
Lizzie - August 2023

Mia - September 2023
Calista - October 2023
Katie - November 2023

Musical Achievement​


Katie, Piano - Level 6
Catherine, Piano - Level 2

Calista, Piano - Level 1

Kevin, Piano - Level 2

Kevin, Voice - Level 1 

Lizzie, Voice - Level 1


Please use the login here to view your account.  You can see your schedule, past lesson notes, studio news and more.  You can also reschedule or cancel a lesson.  

Notes for using the studio calendar:

  • Lesson times in grey are available for a permanent lesson time or just a make-up lesson for the week

  • Lesson times in orange are available for a make-up lesson only and cannot be selected as a permanent lesson time

Please let me know if you have any questions or issues with scheduling.  

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 809 199 9733
Passcode: 5S0BNJ

Venmo: @PeregrineArts

PayPal: @singingfalcon


Peregrine Arts Studio Handbook

Please click the icon below for the handbook with details of lesson policies

Missed Lesson Policy Overview

  • No-shows and cancellations less than an hour before the lesson time will be billed with a video lesson - no makeup lesson

  • For cancellations within a week of lesson day - four misses per year, then billed with option for a makeup lesson

    • Makeup lesson can be used instead of using one of the four missed lessons  

  • Cancellations more than a week before the lesson time are never billed - makeup lesson available if desired 

If you contact me to cancel a lesson, I will always confirm.  If I do not reply that day, I did not receive your message; please contact me again.


You will never be charged for lessons cancelled by me.    

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