Rebecca P.

Piano Instructor

In Your Home ~Online~Video

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Hello, and thank you for visiting.  My name is Rebecca and I have been teaching piano for over 20 years.  I love to teach music and share what I have learned so that others can enjoy the kind of fun and rewarding experiences I've had over the years.   


Piano is a great beginning instrument.  Every note is in front of you without having to manipulate valves or strings.  It's also is a great way to learn music theory for any kind of music or instrument study in the future.  Students who play piano often go on to learn other instruments as well.  Most college music departments require piano proficiency, no matter what instrument is being studied.  Even if a student does not go on to study advanced music, the piano is a great instrument that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.  

Lessons in your home are always best, but if you are busy or live out of the area, online and video lessons are also an option.


-Made-to-Order lessons

-Pay only when you are ready for a new recorded lesson

-Lower rates

-Great for busy people


-No travel time to an intructor's studio

-More flexible scheduling

-Lower rates

-Great for people in remote areas


Video Lessons - $12

Online Lessons (30 minutes) - $18 

In-Person Lessons (30 minutes) - $35


I began playing piano at the age of 10.  I continued taking lessons throughout high school and college.  While in college I played piano and keyboards in a band, and also took music theory and music history classes.  I played piano at church for several years.  I have participated in numerous musical theatre productions as a performer, music director, director and writer.  I was a church choir director for several years, and currently direct an a cappella group.  I also play harp, ukulele and am learning cello. 



Students must have their own piano or keyboard.  Online lessons are done with Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.