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Vancouver, WA

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We offer special pricing and volunteer performances for certain non-profits and hospitals.  Please contact us for more details.

We love seniors!  Please ask about our retirement home specials.

Below are base prices.  Time and location can change pricing.

Christmas:  Different pricing applies for November 21 - December 24, 2021.

Please contact us for National Anthem singing, and jingle writing or recording.

Venue is responsible for PRO music licensing.


30-40 Minutes On Stage

-All a cappella oldies on stage at your event or facility

-In costume

-Acoustic or with your sound system

        *add $10 for use of our sound system

-Recommended for retirement homes, street fairs, parties, etc.

Starting at $90

1 -4 Hours Mingling

-All a cappella oldies while walking around at your event

        *add $20 for use of our portable sound system

-In costume

-15 minute break every hour after first hour

-Recommended for car shows, community events, etc.

Starting at $100 for first hour, discount for additional hours

One Hour On Stage

-A cappella and accompanied oldies on stage

-In costume

-Includes instrumentalist or back-up tracks for solos

-Acoustic or with your sound system

        *add $10 for use of our sound system

-Recommended for retirement homes, special events, etc.

Starting at $120

Deluxe Bee - Event Mingling or On Stage

-Our best singers a cappella (includes accompanied if on stage)

-Formal vintage attire

-Includes instrumentalist for solos (if on stage)

-Acoustic or with a sound system

-Recommended for special events, fundraisers, etc.

Starting at $200


Booking Information & Pricing

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